Classrooms of NSTI Mumbai

Computer Software Applications-CITS:

“Computer Software Application” CITS trade is applicable for Instructors of “COPA” and “Database System Assistant” trades.  In Soft Skill -- We teach communication skill, Self Management & Personality Development, Techniques of Attending Interviews, Group Discussion, Personal Grooming & Hygiene,Time Management Skill, Entrepreneurship, Logical Reasoning and Energy& Environment.

Trade Incharge: Mrs. M.P. Lad, Training Officer

Assisted by - Ms. Ananya Rao, Guest Lecturer

Trainees: Sanctioned: 100    On roll: 92   Batches: 02

CSA Class room

Draughtsman Mechanical-CITS:

Preparations of machine drawings, plants, mechanical components, equipment, etc. from sketches, notes, data or sample for purposes of manufacture or repairs.  Update / revised 2D drawings from instructions of Design Engineer and calculates dimensions as required, from available materials (notes, data etc.) or sample.

Trade Incharge: Mr. Nitin B. Maske, Vocational Instructor

Trainees: Sanctioned: 50   On roll: 28   Batches: 01

Draughtsman Mechanical-CITS

Electronics Mechanic-CITS:

Electronics Mechanic Section conducts Craft Instructor Training Scheme (CITS) course in which various trainees such as ITI, diploma and degree holders updates their knowledge and skills about Advanced electronics and Principle’s of teaching. In CITS course, various job oriented contents are available such as Fiber optics communications, solar power system, Domestic appliances; AC/Dc drives and motors, Electro pneumatics, Cell phones, and various types of TV etc. 

Trade Incharge: Mr. S. Satyanarayana, Training Officer

Assisted by - Mrs. Purnima Sarkar, Skilled Worker

Trainees: Sanctioned: 50   On roll: 45   Batches: 02

electronics web page


The department offers C.I.T.S course in Electrician Trade. The department has well equipped state-of-the-art electrical machines like DC Motors, Induction motors, Synchronous motors and Transformers, AC and DC Drives, Soft Starter. The department has well developed Analog Electronics, Logic Design and Power electronics lab and High Voltage lab is equipped with 100KVA transformer. The department maintains a Computer Lab with high configuration computers, DRIVE MONITER software package, Simulation Software package for study and analysis of Electrical Drives.

Trade Incharge of 1st and 2nd batch: Mr. Amrish Sagar, Store Keeper

Trade Incharge of 3rd and 4th batch: Mr. Nitesh A. Patil, V.I.

Trainees: Sanctioned: 100   On roll: 89   Batches: 04

electrician website


Fitter trade is heart  amongst the Mechanical group. Industry and Training Institutes are widely accepting NSTI Fitter trainees for placement all over India. Mostly i.e. 60% gets jobs in Indian Railways, BARC, ISRO, Mazagaon and private sectors like Siemens, Godrej, Mahindra & Mahindra, BPCL, BHEL, HPCL, RCF etc.

Trade Incharge: Mr. G. Lepakshappa, Training Officer

Assisted by-Mr. Gourish Mahale, Mr. Bhimrao Shinde, Mr. Ganesh Pawar, Workshop Attendants, Mr. Vikram Wadate, Assistant Store Keeper

Trainees: Sanctioned: 150   On roll: 138 Batches: 06

fitter website

Instrument Mechanic-CITS

Instrument Mechanic is the core branch of Automation and Instrumentation sector. Instrumentation is playing vital role in industrial automation. The branch dealing with instruments related to measurement, analysis , recording and control in day to day life of human and Industrial process operations. Instrument Mechanic technician are responsible for installation, calibration, measurement, operating and troubleshooting of various measuring and controlling instruments in industry.

Trade Incharge: Mr. D.M. Basha Training Officer

Assisted by-Mr. G. Sambashiva Rao, Vocational Instructor

Trainees: Sanctioned: 50      On roll: 22    Batches: 02

instrument mechanic website


During the course a candidate is trained on subjects- Professional Skill, Professional Knowledge, Engineering Drawing, Workshop Science & Calculation and principles of teaching related to job role. Various kinds of machining process skill & knowledge imparted during the course that makes a candidate self-dependant. The practical skills are imparted in simple to complex manner & simultaneously theory subject is taught in the same fashion to apply cognitive knowledge while executing task.

Trade Incharge: Mr. A.S. Hedaoo, Training Officer

Assisted by-Mr. Sahdev, Vocational Instructor

Trainees: Sanctioned: 75     On roll: 56   Batches: 03

machinist website

Motor Mechanic Vehicle-CITS

In the MMV workshop, there are-Complete setup of Automotive Repair workshop;Cut sections, apparatus, models and mock-ups, simulators for easy learning;Diesel, Petrol and Micro Hybrid SUVs and cars;Advance MPFI and CRDI and Electric vehicles.

Trade Incharge: Mr. Nitin B. Mane, Vocational Instructor

Trainees: Sanctioned: 50    On roll: 38   Batches: 02

mmv website


The person who works on lathe machine is called Turner.  Lathe machine is most important machine tool in metal/wood work manufacturing industries in world.  Lathe machine comes under substraction groups where raw material suitably hold and rotate its own axis to remove unwanted material by using suitable cutting tool.

Trade Incharge: Mr. T.G. Kadam, Training Officer

Assisted by- Mr. A.N. Rajankar, Vocational Instructor

Trainees: Sanctioned: 50    On roll: 39   Batches: 02

turner website

Welder (Gas & Electric)-CITS

The fabrication sector (Welder) is one of the largest and important sector in the world, hence WELDER is the blood of industry.  So the Industry have huge requirement of Skilled Manpower in the fabrication sector (Welder) and to fulfil the requirement of industry needs excellent trainers to train trainees and provide Skilled Manpower to the industry.

Trade Incharge: Mr. R.B. Warude, Vocational Instructor

Assisted by- Mr. J.B. Mahajan, Vocational Instructor

Trainees: Sanctioned: 50    On roll: 39   Batches: 02

welder website


Machinist trade under CTS is one of the popular courses delivered nationwide through a network of ITIs. The course is of two years (04 semester) duration. It mainly consists of Domain area and Core area. During the course a candidate is trained on subjects- Professional Skill, Professional Knowledge, Engineering Drawing, Workshop Science & Calculation and employability skills training.

Trade Incharge: Mr. Anil Sachan, Skilled Worker

Trainees: Sanctioned: 20    On roll: 17  Batches: 01


Technician Mechatronics

Mechatronic is an interdisciplinary area of engineering that combines mechanical and electronics, Power conditioning and computer science. A typical mechatronic system picks up signals from the environment processes them to generate output signals, transforming them for example into forces, motions and action.

Trade Incharge: Mr. Nitesh Patil, Vocational Instructor

Assisted by- Mr. Hitesh Boricha, Workshop Assistant

Trainees: Sanctioned: 24    On roll: 21  Batches: 01


Solar Technician:

India is facing a serious power crisis in recent years and generation of power proves insufficient in comparison to its requirement. Moreover, the power generation is becoming costlier and generation of conventional power source has been limited and demand is increasing.  India’s generation sector is now started focusing on using non conventional energy sources because of their unlimited availability and easy adoptability.  Among non conventional energy sources solar energy is the best option for all conventional energy sources.

Trade Incharge: Mr. Sujay Barik, Skilled Worker

Trainees: Sanctioned: 20    On roll: 18  Batches: 01

solar technician

IoT-Smart Health Care:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. Internet of thing is a concept reflecting a connected set of anyone, anything, anytime, anyplace, any service, and any network. Compliance with treatment and medication at home and by healthcare. IoT in Healthcare.   Various medical devices, sensors, and diagnostic and imaging devices can be viewed as smart devices or objects constituting a core part of the IoT.

IoT Smart Health care

Trade Incharge: Mr. Kaleel Rahuman, Vocational Instructor

Trainees: Sanctioned: 24    On roll: 13  Batches: 01


IBM-IT Networking and Cloud Computing-Diploma of two years:

 IT, Networking and Cloud is very much essential in the current scenario due to lot of demand in software industries where every industry is using cloud as base.A candidate who has completed this course-

*can start their own enterprise on cloud maintenance,  computer hardware maintenance,  website development   etc.

*can apply for jobs in industry as system technician, cloud developer,  web designer etc

*can apply for any job as a regular diploma holder.

*can apply for lateral entry to higher studies like

Trade Incharge of 1st Batch-2018-2020: Mrs. Dhanya Raveendra, T.O.

Trainees: Sanctioned: 24    On roll: 13  Batches: 01

Trade Incharge of 2nd Batch-2019-2021: Mrs. Trupti Pawar, T.O.

Trainees: Sanctioned: 60    On roll: 56  Batches: 01



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