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  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data.
  • Internet of thing is a concept reflecting a connected set of anyone, anything, anytime, anyplace, any service, and any network. 
  • Compliance with treatment and medication at home and by healthcare.
  • IoT in Healthcare                                         
  • Various medical devices, sensors, and diagnostic and imaging devices can be viewed as smart devices or objects constituting a core part of the IoT.
  • During the one-year duration of IoT Technician (Smart Healthcare) trade a candidate is trained on professional skill, professional knowledge and Employability skill related to job roles. In addition to this a candidate is entrusted to undertake project work and extracurricular activities to build up confidence.

    The broad components covered under Professional Skill subject are as below:-

  • During the one-year duration the trainee will select and perform electrical/ electronic measurement of meters and instruments.
  • The trainees will be able to Identify, place, solder and de-solder and test different SMD discrete components.
  • They will construct, test and verify the Analog&Digital  circuits.
  • They will install, configure, interconnect given computer system(s) and networking to demonstrate & utilize application packages for different applications.
  • They will develop troubleshooting skills in various standard electronic circuits using electronic simulation software.
  •   Trainees will apply the principle of sensors and transducers for various IoT applications.
  • They can explore the need of different signal conditioning and converter circuits.
  • They will also identify, test and troubleshoot the various families of Microcontroller.
  • Trainees will plan and interface input and output devices to evaluate performance with Microcontroller.The trainee will identify different IoT Applications with IoT architecture.
  • The trainee will be able to identify different IoT Applications with IoT architecture and also be able to select various types of sensors used in Healthcare.



One Year


Level 4



Industry Connect

1. Saifee Hospital

2. All India Institute of Medical Sciences & Rehabilatioin (AIIPMR)

3. Patni Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Currae Hospital, Thane.



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